This is not cold brew. This is Flash Brew.

Flash Brew: Nitro Cold Coffee

This is not cold brew. This is Flash Brew. Forget what you thought you knew about cold coffee. We've created Flash Brew for the coffee aficionado, who wants an amazing cold coffee experience on-the-go. Our ready-to-drink cold coffee is made with the same precision and excellence Verve fans know and love. “Whether it’s discovering new growers and origins, experimenting with new brewing techniques, or reinventing on-the-go coffee, we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate the craft coffee experience,” said Ryan O’Donovan, co-founder of Verve Coffee. “Today’s coffee drinkers are more curious and knowledgeable, and they care more about where their food and drinks come from. Ready-to-drink coffee products should be held to the same standards, using only high quality, clean ingredients and crafted with care.”

We're making cold coffee the way coffee should be crafted. Brewed hot then flash chilled. Starting with direct-trade coffee, each batch is expertly brewed with perfectly engineered water in an oxygen-free environment on state-of-the-art equipment. We've dialed in a precise (and proprietary) hot brewing process to ensure optimal flavor extraction. The hot coffee is flash chilled then infused with nitrogen to remove any remaining oxygen. This critical step keeps the coffee ultra-fresh while providing an extra silky mouthfeel. Flash Brew is immediately canned then stored in refrigerators until you’re ready to enjoy.

Flash Brew vs. Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee...What’s The Difference?

If you’ve never tried Flash Brew nitro cold coffee before, you might be wondering what the difference between cold brew, iced coffee and Flash Brew is? Short answer: almost everything. In-depth explanation: it’s all about time, clarity and balancing the nuanced and round flavors of each coffee. Traditional cold brew coffee requires hours and hours of steeping, sometimes it’s sitting in buckets brewing for as long as 24-36 hours. First of all, gross.  Second, this results in a cloudy product with mostly big, round flavors and an overall loss of brightness and acidity. Flash Brew has a much quicker extraction time. By brewing hot, we’re able to extract a cleaner brew with next to zero cloudiness that produces a round, smooth and more approachable flavor the integrity of the coffee. Our state-of-the-art brewing process allows the nuanced flavors of each coffee to come through as an exclamation point along with a touch of acidity to brighten up your cold coffee drinking experience. The clean, vibrant and silky Flash Brew is distinctively different than classic cold brew, which can often taste stale, flavorless or overly bitter.

So how does iced coffee compare? Flash Brew and iced coffee both start out hot but diverge in different directions right after that. Any time a beverage is served over ice, the ice inevitably melts, resulting in a weaker and more diluted drink. As the ice slowly melts, the drink’s flavor profile gets weaker and weaker and thins out the mouthfeel. We’re able to control the flash chilling process to ensure any Flash Brew drinker is going to enjoy a tasty, cold coffee beverage that doesn’t require ice. On top of that, Flash Brew is also nitrogenated, giving it a creamy mouthfeel that iced coffee isn’t able to offer.

Flash Brew: Meet The Family

Flash Brew: Nitro Cold Coffee

You loved The Original, so we made more. We’re excited to introduce two new members of the Flash Brew family: Single Origin and Vancouver Decaf. “After the success of The Original, we’re excited to expand the product line with different coffees and flavor profiles from around the world,” said Colby Barr, co-founder of Verve Coffee. “With this launch, we listened to our customers and partners to deliver an entire family of ready-to-drink cold coffees that are brewed the way we believe cold coffee should be made - packed with flavor.”

Flash Brew: Single Origin - Ethiopian Sakaro


Single Origin - Ethiopia Sakaro

Sakaro starts with directly traded Ethiopian coffee from smallholder farmers. The ripe citrus-fruit flavors pair with complex notes of black cherry to make a layered tasting experience.

Tasting Notes: Lime, Black Cherry, Floral
Producer: Various Smallholder Farmers
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Worka Kebele, Gedeb District 
Cultivar: Ethiopia Heirloom
Process: Wet 
Elevation: 2000 - 2400 Meters

Behind The Cup: Four years ago, we serendipitously discovered Sakaro. Through a combination of high elevation growing, deep knowledge and larger than normal parcel sizes, the Gedeb farmers are elevating the coffee farming game. The coffee coming out of this region is full of dynamic floral bouquets along with warming spice qualities.

Flash Brew: Vancouver Decaf


Vancouver Decaf

Vancouver Decaf has a deep-rooted sweetness of caramel layered on top of a honey-like mouthfeel. Our decaffeinated cold coffee is loaded with decadent chocolate notes.

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Nougat, Cola
Producer: Various Producers
Country: Latin America
Process: Wet 

Behind The Cup: Our direct trade Colombian and Brazilian coffee decaf blend brews candied almond notes in a chocolatey background. It's coffee for pure enjoyment. While many of us enjoy coffee's rejuvenating qualities, we felt that it's more than just the buzz. We wanted to highlight the unique and complex flavors coffee can offer, with or without caffeine. Our coffee beans have been Swiss Water® processed which removes 99.9% of the caffeine while retaining the flavor profile.

Flash Brew: The Original

The Original

The Original starts with directly traded Ethiopian and Colombian Farmlevel coffees to create a refreshing fruit-forward brew that balances sweetness and acidity. Experience the sweet fudge flavors from the Colombian coffee that complement the dried strawberry notes of the Ethiopian counterpart.

Tasting Notes: Honey, Fudge, Strawberry
Producer: Various Producers
Country: Colombia and Ethiopia
Region: Cauca, Colombia, and Guji, Ethiopia 
Cultivar: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Heirloom
Process: Washed, Natural 
Elevation: 1700 - 2150 Meters

Behind The Cup: Our Ethiopian coffee comes from the Guji Highlands that is surrounded by rainforest. Founded in 2012, this organic coffee farm clocks in at 617 acres and is completely family-run. Argcafe Growers Association provides our Colombian coffee. The group is made up of 102 farmers who grow on the surrounding mountains and deliver their coffee to be processed at a shared mill.


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