5 Myths About Decaf Coffee Busted

5 Myths About Decaf Coffee Busted

While many of us enjoy the rejuvenating qualities of coffee, there are some times when we want to enjoy a cold coffee minus the buzz. We always felt that traditional decaffeinated coffees took a backseat in the flavor department. Conventional processing isn’t able to put the flavor first, and often isn’t able to highlight the complexities. We tapped an innovative partner, Swiss Water® to expertly remove the caffeine while maintaining the full flavor integrity. It’s cold coffee for pure enjoyment. If you haven’t tried our latest addition to the Flash Brew family, Vancouver Decaf, get ready for a real treat.  


MYTH #1 – It tastes bleh.

TRUTH: The Swiss Water® process preserves the coffee beans’ quality and flavor characteristics, which allow for a great-tasting cup without any weird or bitter aftertaste like conventional decaf.


MYTH #2 – It's full of chemicals.

TRUTH  The process is 100% chemical-free. Only fresh water from the mountains of British Columbia is used to gently decaffeinate our direct-trade green beans. Working in small batches ensures the utmost care, so our decaf coffee tastes just as delicious as any caffeinated beans. 


MYTH #3 – It still has caffeine.

TRUTH  It’s true; there are no 100% decaffeination processes available yet. But we’re calling it pretty close to perfect on this one. Our green coffee undergoes a 100% chemical-free processing using only water to remove caffeine without removing any flavor. With a dash of loving attention along with close monitoring of temperature and time, the finished coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free. Don't get too wild on the .1%.       


MYTH #4 – There is no point in drinking decaf.

TRUTH  Even when there's no traceable caffeine, you're still brewing an extra tasty cup that's full of antioxidants shown to have health benefits. Decaf is more than just forgoing the buzz; it’s about enjoying the complex and nuanced flavors of high-quality coffee.  


MYTH #5 – Real coffee people don't drink it. 

TRUTH  We've all seen the decaf slamming memes and jokes. We agree but on a totally different level. We're anti-BAD decaf versus decaf in general. If it were up to us, we’d request a rewrite for all those decaf jabs. Want to hear a joke? Bad decaf. Verve Coffee Roasters is only roasting and serving the best coffees on Earth. Decaf included.

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